Created through the vision of inclusion

J3 melanin Dolls is a Multicultural Doll brand based in Austria,  founded by Joy Alphonsus and daughters.
As an African mum  living in Diaspora, it was important for me to gift my daughters  something that reflects inclusion.     After  years  of searching for dolls that speaks representation and diversity,  J3melanin dolls was created &  our only goal became giving kids easy access to multicultural dolls.
   Children tend to identify themselves with their dolls at their young ages, it influences how they act, think, and it’s very essential they  have a  toy that’s relates  to and feel  represented.
 Every child should be encouraged to love themselves in and out and there’s no better way to do that than gifting them a toy they will love and cherish J3MELANINDOLLS
all our dolls are unique and adorned by handmade dresses by us, designed  with colorful and vintage  African print fabrics.